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Beard Lovin’

When Chad and I first met, he didn’t have a beard. He was a short haired, clean shaven kind of guy. And I liked that.

Chad circa 2001 … living in Los Angeles about two years before we met.

Even though I like Chad’s clean shaven look, I am also a big fan of beards. For me, there’s almost nothing sexier a man can wear than a beard. I don’t know. I think it’s one of those primal, I’m a manly man things. Does that make sense?

After we’d been dating for a little bit and while we were living in Miami, I started to subtly suggest he might want to try out a beard. Finally, after me asking him for the zillionth time to grow a beard, he did. And you know what? He loved it too.

Hanging out at Bonnaroo … summer 2005

Chad loved it so much that he kept it for a few years. And I was insanely happy about it.

Me and Chad spring 2006 - at the Langerado Music Festival

So, I was really shocked when I read that most women don’t like men with a beard. For realz? Are these women out of their minds? I guess I’m in the minority with my facial hair loving ways.
A few years ago, Chad decided he was sick of his beard. While he’d been threatening to shave it off, I never thought he’d actually do it. I mean, I just loved it so much. But he did.
At Mollie & Josh’s rehearsal dinner … March 2009

And I may have moped for a little bit about the loss of the beard. But in the end, I knew I thought he was just as handsome without it.

Christmas in Tennessee … 2010
I won’t say that I didn’t miss it. Because occasionally I did. So, I was thrilled when he decided a few months ago to grow it back for the colder New England seasons.
February 2012 at Deluxe Town Diner
Chad says the beard is going to be a seasonal thing from now on, which is fine with me. I’m just glad that I get to see it six months out of the year.

Ladies, what do you think? Men with beards or without?
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