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A Weekend Getaway In New Hampshire

I spent a really fun and relaxing weekend in New Hampshire with a handful of other people celebrating Cara’s 30th birthday.

We rented a beautiful beach house in Rye that looked directly onto the craggy beach. There was a hot tub (woo hoo!), a beta fish named Michael, and I got to wake up to a couple of really beautiful sunrises.

Our first night there, Hannah (Cara’s little sis) made us a delicious arroz con pollo dinner.

She had the cutest recipe book.

Dinner conversation that night (we didn’t start eating until 11!) was classy, of course. There was never any mention of vaginas by either Liana or me.

Cara’s man friend, Eric, made us all brunch the next day. It was so delicious. I felt very lucky to be staying in a house with two people who know their way around a kitchen.

Later that day we took a walk along the beach.

We followed that up with one of Cara’s favorite games - Apples To Apples. We played the Jewish edition.

We ate dinner at Cava, a great tapas restaurant, in neighboring Portsmouth.

We finished off the weekend the next morning with brunch at The Friendly Toast.

Jess and Steph will agree that any meal at this place is always a good time.

All in all, a great birthday weekend for a really awesome girl. Happy Birthday, Cara!

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