Winks And Whistles

Living. Learning. Laughing.

I don’t know about you, but I love love love Free People’s short films. Well, most of them anyways. This one falls into the I love it so much category. I hope you like it too! xoxoxo

Red Carpet Fashion Coverage

Did you guys watch any of the red carpet fashion coverage for The Oscars last night? You know I did! I went over to Nora’s and enjoyed some delicious mocktails and tasty snacks. 

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Big Baby News In Week 18

I know that some people want to wait until the baby is born to find out the sex, but Chad and I do not fall into that category of people. Not even a little bit. I’ve been dying to know if the baby is a boy or a girl since the day I found out I was pregnant.

And the baby will be …. DRUMROLL ….

That’s right! The baby is a boy! And I couldn’t be more excited. But do you know who was probably more excited than me to find out the sex … my boss. She’s also pregnant and is on the opposite end of the spectrum and waits to find out the sex until birth. I was welcomed to the office after the big reveal with some surprise flowers and a sweet treat.

A lot of people have been asking me if I had a preference for either a boy or a girl and I really didn’t. I mean, part of me is totally terrified of raising a boy because I have no clue about boys. I mean, I’m one of five girls. Speaking of raising boys, I received my first baby boy gift this weekend from Melissa.

For those of you who were clueless like me and Chad, these are peepee teepees. Used to shield those changing a baby boy’s diapers from being sprayed unexpectedly. I have A LOT to learn.

A Book Club Baby Shower For Susi

Last weekend book club threw a little book club baby shower for Susi. We all headed out to Rhode Island to the cutest restaurant (whose name I can’t remember) and just spent hours gushing over everything baby and everything not baby.

In true book club fashion, we showered Susi and her soon-to-be baby Eleanor with children’s books.

We did have a book to read for this book club too. It was the third novel in the Bridget Jones series - About A Boy. But I’m pretty sure no one actually finished it … a book club first.

I still haven’t finished the book but do plan on it. I’ve just been having a tough time with it because the book is not at all what I thought it would be. To be totally honest, it’s just not what I wanted it to be. I promise a full report when I do finish it.

We’re all so excited for Susi and can’t wait to meet baby Eleanor in April. I also can’t wait for her non-book club baby shower later this month.

Pupster Update

The good news is that when I took Dexter in over the weekend to get his splint/cast changed, the vet said that he is doing better than expected. Hopefully that means after the three week mark he’ll be fully recovered.

The bad news is that Dexter is so, so bored. And gives us the saddest puppy dog eyes when we come back in from his bathroom breaks.

This week’s cast is pink with purple hearts. I think it’s adorable. Chad hates it. And Dexter is just over it all already.

Wish us luck in that this speedy recovery continues!

Quiet Moments

Last weekend I was in Virginia visiting my family (much more on that later!) and I came across this wonderful childhood memory (pictured above) in my niece’s room. I’m not sure what you’d call this. It’s a combination lipstick holder and music box … without being a box. You open it up, the ballerina twirls around and a very familiar song plays. It was my mother’s and I kept it in my room for the longest time. I love how certain objects, scents and sounds can bring back such wonderful memories.

Shoe Dreaming

Sorel 1964 Premium CVS Boot - I’ve been crushing on these for MONTHS! But I really don’t need another all weather boot. They sure are pretty though.

Coach Pita Sneakers - I haven’t worn high tops since I was in elementary school. Hello black Reeboks! But I can see myself wearing these shoes with everything on the weekends.

Madewell Brown Oxfords - I’ve been wanting a pair of these for a couple of years now. I don’t know what’s been holding me back.

Everlane Black Sandals - Sadly, I had to toss my beloved black sandals at the end of last summer. These are definitely on my to-buy list.