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Wynwood - Like Whoa

Probably my favorite discovery while in Miami for Andrew and Stacey’s wedding was the Wynwood arts district. It was super tiny when we moved away and has just exploded into this beautiful and awe-inspiring neighborhood. The rehearsal dinner was held at a restaurant in this neighborhood and beforehand we got to walk around in an art garden of sorts.

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Pregnancy Week 23 - Finding The Comfy

I can hardly believe that I am creeping up on 6 months of pregnancy. Sometimes it’s like I was just staring those three positive pregnancy tests in my bathroom yesterday. Biggest difference is (besides that growing belly!) is that I can feel this baby boy moving around quite frequently.

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(Re)Visiting Vizcaya

One of mine and Chad’s favorite places to visit in Miami is Vizcaya in Coconut Grove. It’s an amazingly beautiful historical property that never ceases to wow you any time you visit. Chad had the good sense to suggest taking the time to revisit this old favorite of ours while we were in Miami a few weeks ago.

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Ticket To Ride

Poor Dexter … He stil has a broken toe, but he has been handling it like a champ. Since he can’t get any exercise during this recovery period, Chad and I have been alternating taking him into the office with us .. to break up the monotony of his day since he usually is playing with a pack of other pups. He gets another X-ray in two Saturdays and fingers crossed it’s all healed this time around.

Daycare For The Win!

Hi everyone! I am in a delightful mood this morning. I think it is the full eight hours of sleep I actually got last night .. a real rarity these preggo days. I wanted to share some incredible news. I found a daycare!!!!

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A Miami Wedding: Andrew & Stacey Get Married

A few weekends ago Chad and I found ourselves (very happily!) in Miami for our friends’ wedding. It was just perfect. Blue skies, beautiful everything and being surrounded by a truly great group of people.

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Over The Weekend

My weekend started off on a great note - dinner with family! Aunt Trish, Nadia and I met up at Toscano in Harvard Square to catch the end of Restaurant Week and oh man was the food delicious. The company was really great too. Nadia spent her spring break in Texas and brought back the cutest Texas onesie for baby boy. Thanks, Nadia! Chad just gave it a sideways glance when I showed it him … being the diehard Tennessee fan that he is.

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